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Sebenza- The Livelihood Platform

Sebenza- an initiative to roll out in South Africa soon is an innovative solution which stems from India. It aims to match the most vulnerable group of lower income earners to immediate casual job employment during times of crisis as well as beyond. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic has proven difficult for many South Africans across the board. For many, it has resulted in pay-cuts and possible job losses. Sebenza offers to bridge the gap between the workers and the work providers through a simple phone call.

The platform will match registered work-seekers to retailers, restaurants and other companies who require casual staff during this pandemic. The aim is to increase work opportunities during the crisis and to introduce the nature of what is called “entrepreneurial jobs.” What this means is that a worker can be skill mapped to be a shop cashier at a retailer, work in a restaurant as kitchen staff and also be a hairdresser/barber when they have off time from retail or restaurant placement, all of this through Sebenza. 

Multiple work options are made available for each individual.The concept of one job contracted to one employee is changing to a concept of working where one has the skills in order to provide a livelihood. 

For companies or businesses who require casual staff, they can quickly connect to workers in the area from Sebenza platform. A dashboard is provided to them with the list of the skilled candidates needed and available in the area.

In order to register as a worker or work provider for the platform, one can simply call +27872502064 or contact candice@sebenza-africa.com 

The platform has already gained over 14 million users in India, and the technology will pick up quickly in South Africa and across the continent. 

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The platform is currently available in English with Zulu and Afrikaans soon to follow. 


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